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TYLENOL® for your proposal writing headaches

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One meeting results in a comprehensive outline of what you have to offer, your key differentiators, gaps and a road map to completing your RFP quickly and efficiently.

Time Efficiency

With the comprehensive outline our writers at The Proposal Method have enough detail to produce a first draft of the proposal response. That takes the burden off you and your staff.

Cost Efficiency

Handing off the draft writing to us means you and your staff can stay focused on operations, reducing your RFP overhead cost.


Put your next RFP bid ahead of the pack

We’re here to help you grow your RFP revenue

Winning procurement bids depends on multiple success factors. We provide the necessary critical thinking, information gathering and professional writing to make your bid come out on top.


The Proposal Method grows your revenue opportunities with RFPs and other bid opportunities that are the right fit for your company.


The Proposal Method navigates your team through the complex procurement environment with deep insight into what issuers want.

Cost Efficiency

The Proposal Method is an economical way to right-size your team only when you need it, allowing you to keep overhead costs low.


Help Smaller Businesses Compete

With The Proposal Method you get the same proposal management expertise as large companies. We want to win bids too and have the proposal writing services for success:

  • strategizing between bids
  • sourcing Request for Proposals and other bid opportunities
  • making go/no-go decisions
  • developing on point proposal content
  • writing and producing the document
  • valuating debrief information


Agile Methodology

The Proposal Method takes a page from the agile methodology playbook used in hi-tech. In our kick-off meetings – in person or virtually – we facilitate so all your subject matter experts collaborate in teasing out your unique selling propositions. (Although we cover off the admin stuff too like schedule and responsibilities.)

This approach focuses your staff’s efforts where they best add value and gives us enough information to write a first draft so they don’t have to.


Content Specialists

Mary Venneman, founder and principal, applies her stakeholder engagement experience to draw out compelling content from all parties at the table. She has been leading production teams for over 15 years, preparing environmental assessment, technology and a range of government service RFPs and documentation for BC Hydro, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and AMEC among others. Mary is a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals.

3 RFP Tips in Pics

Being left behind? Winning bids look much different today than even five years ago. For instance, today presenting a "wall of words" can get you eliminated. To be enticed to read further reviewers need to understand your story from a quick skim. Here's a few RFP tips in pics.

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